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The Hardwick Company, LLC.
1806 Bellewood Road
Jackson, MS 39211







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Please include a check for $13 to "The Hardwick Company, LLC." ($10 for DVD and $3 for shipping/handling)

Please expect 1 to 3 weeks for your DVD in the mail.


Thank you for purchasing the TEAL OPTICAL DVD, including:

  • "Teal Optical" final cut (22:00 minutes)
  • Production Stills for Teal Optical
  • Official Trailer for Teal Optical (1:00 minute)
  • "I Promise Never To Get Paint on my Glases Again” - Experimental short film by Clay Hardwick & Jack Whitley (2:30 minutes)
  • "Atlantic Spring: Motion Art" - Experimental short by Clay Hardwick (3:00 minutes)
  • "Leaves Flutter" - Music video for TTOCCS REKARP by Clay Hardwick & Daniel Guaqueta (3:00 minutes)
  • "Writer's Block" - Short film by Clay Hardwick & Morgan Welch (6:00 minutes)
  • "The Butterflies" - Short film by Winsor Yuan (Scipt Supivisor for Teal Optical), cinematography/edit by Clay (30:00 minutes)
  • "Locked Out" - Short film featuring Matt Doman (lead creature in Teal Optical) by Sequential Pictures (2:30 minutes)
  • Full length mp3 of "Teal Optical" by TTOCCS REKARP and Arbor Vitae